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Trading update for the year ended 31 December 2018

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“We are well capitalised and this will allow us to continue to add high-quality assets to the portfolio selectively. We expect to continue to do so at attractive prices. Our pipeline of identified investments, forward funded developments and land is strong. We have under offer opportunities which, assuming they proceed to completion, would see our last equity raise fully invested on a geared basis. Our high-quality income is now well matched against longer-term fixed or hedged debt which provides further comfort to our ambition to grow our dividend. The Company is well placed to continue to benefit from its strong position in the market and deliver attractive returns to our Shareholders.”

Richard Jewson Chairman
2018 Interim Results


Financial Highlights (H1 2018)

3.35p (+4.47%)
3.38p (+5.3p)
146.22p (+2.8%)
£2.90 bn (+11.0%)
£57.42m (+34.7%)

* Before changes in fair value of investment properties

2018 Interim Results

2018 Interim Results Announcement

2018 Interim Report

2018 Interim Results Presentation

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Colin Godfrey, Fund Manager and Frankie Whitehead, Head of Finance discuss Tritax Big Box’s 2018 Interim Results