Aubrey Adams joins the Board of Tritax Big Box REIT as Non-Executive Director

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Tritax Big Box is the UK’s only Real Estate Investment Trust giving pure exposure to Big Box logistics assets. We selectively acquire, own and manage the UK’s best logistics assets that are mission critical to our tenants.

We utilise our expertise, specialist sub-sector focus and knowledge to deliver out-performance with the objective of delivering attractive, sustainable and growing income together with capital protection and growth for our Shareholders.

Attractive income

We aim to provide attractive income… 5.7% ungeared portfolio running yield

Sustainable income

We aim to provide sustainable income… 15.3 years WAULT

Growing income

We aim to provide growing income… 6.40 pence progressive dividend target*

*Dividend per share target for 2017


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Our Company has a number of important strengths, which we believe make us a compelling business, and well positioned for further success:

Pure Big Box – an attractive market with powerful long-term drivers

The fundamentals of the Big Box market are compelling. Demand from tenants is strong because Big Boxes offer them significant economies of scale and cost savings not available from smaller, older buildings. Equally they are vital for the swiftly evolving retail market and, in particular, for e-commerce, which is still at a relatively early stage of development and is growing rapidly in the UK.

At the same time, the supply of Big Boxes in the UK is highly constrained. Their scale makes planning permission difficult to obtain in locations where they are required. There are currently no new or very modern buildings of over 500,000 sq ft vacant or available and in the course of development. Meanwhile, developers are not planning to construct speculative buildings of this size.

This supply/demand imbalance benefits asset owners, producing attractive income and value growth.

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An outstanding portfolio

Since our IPO in December 2013, we have rapidly, but selectively, built one of the most attractive portfolios in the UK quoted real estate sector. Our portfolio is well diversified by size, geography and tenant. The portfolio metrics reflect the strength of our assets, which are typically modern and occupy prime logistics locations. Many of our tenants have made significant investment in respect of internal fit-out and sophisticated automation, which can, and typically does, eclipse the cost of the actual building. Such high levels of investment demonstrates long-term commitment to the asset.

Our portfolio is 100% let, or pre-let to tenants with excellent covenant strength and, at 16.3 years, the average lease length is one of the longest in the listed real estate sector, which gives us certainty of income and underpins our strategy to deliver low risk and growing income.
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Attractive dividend income

Our high-quality portfolio, combined with a low cost base, generates a high-quality, sustainable and growing income stream. This allows us to target a progressive dividend that can offer appealing risk-adjusted returns. For 2015, we declared a dividend of 6.0 pence per share which was fully covered by Adjusted earnings, giving us one of the highest dividend yields among UK REITs. For 2016 we have increased our target dividend for the year to 6.2 pence per share.

When viewed in the context of our modern assets, high-quality tenants and length of unexpired lease terms, we consider that our risk-adjusted income return is particularly appealing. Our dividend is underpinned by a 100% let portfolio, growing property income from financially strong tenants and long-term leases, primarily delivered through upward only rent reviews and assisted by the implementation of asset management initiatives.
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A strong track record of delivery

We have exercised strong capital discipline, standing firm on our pricing policy and turning down numerous unsuitable opportunities. Nonetheless, since listing, we have been successful in achieving our investment aims, acquiring an average of approximately one asset every month. Our ability to complete transactions quickly is aided by our ready access to attractive finance.

The quality of our assets, the secure income they generate and our low cost base have enabled us to meet our objectives of an aggregate dividend of 6 pence per share in respect of 2015 and a net total return in excess of our target of 9% pa. Since the year end we have also surpassed our original ambition to increase our NAV to more than £1 billion, and we aspire to grow further for the benefit of our Shareholders.
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A highly experienced management team

Tritax Management LLP is our Investment Manager. We benefit significantly from the Manager’s knowledge, expertise and relationships. These allow the Manager to source and negotiate deals off-market, at attractive pricing levels, which offer good value for Shareholders and meet vendors’ desire for quick and certain execution. This has given us a reputation as one of the industry’s most reliable purchasers and forward-thinking owners and managers, making us the obvious choice for potential vendors of Big Boxes.

As well as exercising capital discipline and adding initial value through purchasing at attractive prices, the Manager’s asset management skills can create value throughout an asset’s life cycle, working collaboratively with tenants and using the Manager’s knowledge of their businesses to identify and carry out value protecting and enhancing initiatives.
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We report on a six-monthly basis with results announced in March and August. A full property valuation of our portfolio is undertaken every six months and is reported in our interim and annual results.


Company Documents

In this section we have provided shareholders with the information needed to support their holdings.

Prospectus – Proposed fundraising April 2017

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Dividend Information

Tritax Big Box pays investors a quarterly dividend. As a UK REIT, the Company can pay dividends of two types. Firstly, the dividend may be paid as a Property Income Distribution (“PID”) which is payable from income generated by the Company’s qualifying UK property rental business. Secondly, the dividend may be paid as a Non-Property Income Distribution (“non-PID”) which is payable from the Company’s residual business activities.

2017 Expected Dividend Calendar

DividendDeclaration datePayment datePID(p)*Non-PID(p)Total
Q4 Interimearly March 2018mid April 2018


DividendEx-Div datePayment datePID(p)*Non-PID(p)Total
Q1 Interim4 May 201722 May 20171.601.60
Q2 Interim20 July 201710 August 20171.601.60
Q3 Interim19 October 201716 November 20171.601.60


DividendEx-Div datePayment datePID(p)*Non-PID(p)Total
Interim18 August 201625 August 20163.103.10
Interim13 October 201627 October 20161.551.55
Interim16 March 20173 April 20170.101.451.55


DividendEx-Div datePayment datePID(p)*Non-PID(p)Total
Interim19 March 201522 March 20151.001.00
Interim18 June 201515 July 20151.501.50
Interim3 September 201523 September 20150.500.50
Final11 February 20169 March 20162.250.753.00


DividendEx-Div datePayment datePID(p)*Non-PID(p)Total
Interim16 July 20148 August 20141.851.85
Interim27 November 201417 December 20141.501.50
Final5 March 201518 March 20150.800.80

*Amount Gross. The PID element of the Dividend will be paid net of 20% withholding tax (unless a shareholder is eligible for payment  of a dividend gross and completes either a INTERMEDIARY – DECLARATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR GROSS PID PAYMENTS FROM TRITAX BIG BOX REIT PLC or a BENEFICIAL OWNER DECLARATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR GROSS PID PAYMENTS FROM TRITAX BIG BOX REIT PLC and sends it to our registrars Capita Asset Services.

All details correct as at 15 July 2016.

Financial Calendar

Our key dates during the financial year are shown below.

31st December 2017Full Year End
8th March 2017Announcement of 2016 Full Year Results
31st December 2016Full Year End
30th June 2016Half Year End

Equity Analysts

The following analysts produce research on Tritax Big Box REIT plc.

Jefferies International Ltd*Mike Prew+44 (0)20 7029 8422
Green Street AdvisorsHemant Kotak+44 (0)20 3793 7000
Cantor Fitzgerald EuropeMonica Tepes+44 (0)20 7894 8590
STIFELJohn Cahill+44 (0)20 7710 7600
FinnCapDuncan Hall+44 (0)20 7220 0546
LiberumGareth Phillips+44 (0)20 3100 2081
NumisPaul Gorrie+44 (0)20 7260 1423
Bank of America Merrill LynchCamille Bonnel+44 (0)20 7996 7952
KempenMihail Tonchev+31 20 348 8492
*Acts as a broker to Tritax Big Box REIT plc


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